Driver Spotlight: Meet Vernon!

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on May 20, 2019 at 11:11 AM

In this Driver Spotlight we introduce you to Vernon, an ambitious and kind-hearted driver based in Kansas City. Known for taking long distance deliveries across state lines, he's driven to deliver and focused on building relationships with customers. Read on to learn why Vernon drives for Dispatch.

-How did you hear about Dispatch? I started my own business about four years ago and a friend of mine introduced me to Dispatch. I signed up and was kind of hesitant, as business was slow at first. I made a few runs and I liked how I was my own boss. Six months later I just ran with it and have been driving for Dispatch ever since!

-How long have you been driving for Dispatch? I started in January of 2018.

-What kind of vehicle do you drive? Multiple cargo vans, two Chevys, and a Ford E-150.


-Why did you decide that Dispatch was the best job fit for you and your lifestyle? I’ve always loved being independent and I drove a truck for 17 years. I was exposed to being independent and on my own. The fact that Dispatch let’s you set your own hours and pick jobs, that says a lot for me.  

-Tell us your favorite Dispatch story! My favorite story would have to be the relationship I built with The Tile Shop of Shawnee, KS. The first run I made I was sitting in traffic on a Thursday afternoon because of a really bad accident and I decided to pick up the job. I communicated with the store manager while I was sitting in traffic and said I’d be there as soon as I could. When I picked up the package we talked for a bit and he loved that I communicated with him the entire time.

He called me later and asked if I could always deliver for them. I let him know that I’m really big on pay and try to make as much as I can. He called me back within 10 minutes and asked to meet in person. “I have to have you run for me,” he said. We discussed a pay package that benefited both me and Dispatch. I’ve been delivering for the Tile Shop for eight months now. I feel like when you get up in the morning, you should always put your best foot forward and give 199%.

-Why should other people drive for Dispatch? Well it depends on if you’re ambitious and self motivated. You can make a ton of money and build relationships with a wide variety of customers. Dispatch also has great people to work for. I’m crazy about Patrick and Forrest - they’re great to work with! They let me make judgement calls on certain deliveries and I love it. Unless my company takes off I’m with Dispatch until I retire.

-What’s your favorite thing about being able to set your own hours? I have a few medical conditions and with a formal job I would have to take a day off or schedule appointments in advance. With Dispatch, I love that I can set my own schedule, make good money, and have the freedom to be my own boss. I couldn’t find another company like Dispatch.

-If you could give any advice to other drivers at Dispatch, what would it be? Learn what you're doing. I hear a lot of people say Dispatch is like Uber and it’s not. You can’t compare the two. I feel like in order to be a good driver you have to learn what you’re doing, learn to navigate the city, and be more effective by not relying on a GPS. I take pride in what I'm doing and I need to know where I'm going. I also try to mentor the new drivers and share the tricks. I want to be a big brother for Dispatch.

-Tell us anything else you'd like to know! I wish Dispatch would eventually use box trucks. The typical driver either has a cargo van or pickup truck. Lots of customers love the idea of putting as much in a delivery as possible, but cargo vans have limits. With a box truck you can load it up. I’ve been in transportation for 26 years and I think it would be great business.

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