Company Spotlight: Triangle Fastener Corporation

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on May 16, 2019 at 4:24 PM

At Dispatch, we love to hear from our customers across the country. We recently had the opportunity to connect with Triangle Fastener Corporation, where we partner with the Dallas and Houston branches, to learn more about their story and company history. 

Jeff Lunsford, Branch Manager in Dallas, TX, shared insights into the company culture, growth goals, and how Dispatch helps provide value to their business and customers. Read on to learn more!

- Tell us about Triangle Fastener Corporation. What is it that your company does?

Triangle Fastener Corporation has been supplying and leading the commercial construction industry with fasteners, tools, sealants, and accessories. We offer high performance standard and specialty products. In addition, we specialize in hard-to-find items for critical applications from 23 locations. We're a manufacturer/distributor dealing with commercial low-slope roofing, metal building/roofing and post frame, commercial drywall, interior and HVAC, as well as supplying general contractors.      

- How did Triangle Fastener Corporation get started and when?

Triangle Fastener was started in Pittsburgh, PA by Chip Friday in 1977 and has been supplying the commercial construction industry ever since.

- Who does your staff consist of?

My staff consists of both outside and inside sales representatives, a warehouse manager, painter, and warehouse worker that perform various tasks to help make sure our customers get the best service and quality when it comes to distribution of our inventory, the services we provide, and meeting deadlines to make sure their projects are completed on time, every time.  

- What is the culture of Triangle Fastener Corporation like?

As we have been a privately owned company since 1977, up until a recent acquisition, it’s like one big family. We're all in it together. While each branch operates independently, we're more concerned with servicing all markets our customers are in, whether or not they're a specific customer to a branch. We have many branches that employ multiple members of a family and we almost always look inside the company to promote within.

- What makes Triangle Fastener Corporation unique, especially for your area?

The services we can bring our customers and our deep vendor pool have positioned us to take care of the commodity, the hard-to-find, and the custom work that needs to be done. Whether it's a simple drywall screw or painting a 10 foot architectural spire to finish a project, we hit all of that and almost everything in between.

- What is the long term goal for Triangle Fastener Corporation?

The long-term goal for Triangle is continued growth with our customers and our markets by providing the best service available, most knowledgeable employees, and highest quality in our industry. We're aiming to double the size of our company in five years by doing just that!

- How did you get started at Triangle Fastener Corporation?

I first started in the paint shop in our Houston, TX location when I moved back from school. I left to work with a buddy, but eventually came back when an outside sales position opened up and seven short years later I'm running the Dallas branch and have been for three years now.

- How did you hear about Dispatch?

Mickey walked into my office and said you need to try us, so I did! Good pitch, great business platform, and perfect timing!

- What was your process for sending and receiving inventory prior to Dispatch?

Call in same-day courier service with a limited number of dedicated employees that couldn’t always keep up with the demand.

- Any special instance where Dispatch came through in a pinch or went above and beyond what you expected?

Dispatch always goes above and beyond. Their drivers are very cordial and communicate very well. Helps when you have unexpected delays or when the person a package/pallet is addressed to is not available. We're here to problem solve for our customers and Dispatch helps us achieve this!

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