Company Spotlight: Mtech-Icon

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on July 9, 2019 at 10:43 AM

At Dispatch, we recently partnered with Mtech-Icon in Austin, TX to run deliveries to their technicians on jobsites. Previously, when techs needed parts or tools they would have to leave their job and travel to a warehouse or supplier, costing them valuable time. David Hooge, Logistics Manager at Mtech-Icon, was thrilled to learn that Dispatch could give his team a competitive edge. Read on to learn more!

-Tell us about Mtech-Icon. What is it that your company does? Mtech-Icon is a commercial plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service, as well as new construction contractor. Part of Comfort Systems USA, one of America’s leaders in installation and service for building mechanical systems providing a nationwide reach through 37 subsidiary companies that are prepared to build, service, or retrofit any mechanical, HVAC, or electrical system. No other company offers a wider range of technical expertise and experience. Our foundation of uncompromising integrity, unequaled service, and effective project management make us the valued leader in this market.

-How did Mtech-Icon get started and when? Mtech opened in 1991 and after eight years of service to the Austin community and surrounding areas, Comfort Systems USA acquired the company making Mtech a wholly owned subsidiary.

-Who does your staff consist of? Our local Mtech-Icon staff of over 100 technicians and field support personnel handle every type of service call from serious water leaks, power outages due to failure, chiller failure, server room A/C failures, and hot water outage to scheduled preventative maintenance and routine service.

-What is the culture of Mtech-Icon like? Agile and disciplined, striving for excellence in everything we do.

-What makes Mtech-Icon unique, especially for your area? We strive to have highly skilled and capable techs who know their stuff and how to quickly diagnose a problem and provide a lasting solution for our customers.

-What is the long term goal for Mtech-Icon? To provide an excellent customer experience while profitably serving.

-How did you get started at Mtech-Icon? I sold my wholesale supply company and having a long standing relationship with my former customer Mtech, I identified a rather unique opportunity in the area of purchasing and logistics, joining them just over a year ago.

-How did you hear about Dispatch? We have been using Dispatch for about seven weeks and do not know how we did it without them. It is a bit embarrassing how I found out about Dispatch, but here it is:

I was at one of my vendors who used Dispatch when I received a call from one of my techs needing an electric control. Since I was enduring a tour through the warehouse looking at inventory that I had no clue of what it was, I welcomed the interruption. I showed my vendor host a picture of the control my tech needed. He had one, I gave him an order and boasted, “I need this in Elgin right now.” He responded no problem I can do it. I watched in amazement as he arranged to have Dispatch deliver the control, providing me with up to the minute tracking and delivery status. I was able to track the closing gap between the driver and my tech in real-time and watch when the driver called the tech a few minutes before arriving at the drop-off, even providing a picture of the delivery.

-What was your process for sending and receiving inventory prior to Dispatch?We utilized our own fleet or vendors, normally a slow cumbersome process, requiring our techs to frequently be pulled off the job to go and get what they needed at local supply houses. 

-Any special instance where Dispatch came through in a pinch or went above and beyond what you expected? It has been a pleasure working with Dispatch. Every time I get remarkable service that is exceptionally responsive and almost too simple to use. From delivering a small urgently needed control or tool to a storage shed in a box, Dispatch has made the logistics component of my job and my company much more efficient and competitive.

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